WINTER SEASON (VOLT OPEN):  Season Dates:  November 29 – 1st or 2nd weekend in February.  We are ready to start up winter season!  We are planning for a max of 6-10 teams, pending caliber.  Cuts will be made. Winter teams are open to ANY player from ANY school around the FM area! 

 Cost:  $885 

Fundraising: Pending

Included:  Uniform, 4 tournaments (cost will be reduced if we go to 3 tournaments), approximately 35 hours of practice, coaching, travel expenses to the cities for the coach and cost of practice space and tournaments (All tournaments in in the Minneapolis area.)

**Please wear a t-shirt with your last name on the back.

Try-Outs:  Rustad Recreation Center 

TRY-OUT FEE:  $40 + $15 NCR FEE

Try-Out Date:  14s & Younger:  November 1 (Time:  8 a.m.-12 p.m.)

*Register by:  Oct 29

15s & Older:  November 22 (Time:  8 a.m.-12 p.m.)

*Register by:  Nov. 20


Tenative Tournament Weekends (3 or 4 tournaments will be attended)

Jan. 9-10

Jan 16-17

Jan 23-24

Jan 30-31

Feb 6-7

Feb 13-14 (15s and up only)