Who can participate?

To make a Regional Team, you  MUST attend West Fargo Public Schools.  This will be a top caliber team that will spend at least half their tournaments out of the Fargo area.  This may include 2 day tournaments as well.   

General Information

Practices:  Approx. 23 practices between Feb. 1 and May15

Tournaments:  At least 6, with at least 3 tournaments being outside the FM area.  This could consist of 2 day tournaments.

Try-Out Fee:  None  

**If you do not make a Regional team, you will be placed on a Local team according to your caliber.  

**If you do not want to be placed on a Local team, you will be charged $25 for your Regional try-out placement.


If she is in a school sport, that sport and its practices/games take priority.  In order of our REGIONAL team to be a high caliber team, we are looking for a commitment to practices and tournaments.  If your daughter isn't at practice, she doesn't reach her potential, and if she is not at the tournament, the team cannot reach it's potential.  As always, we understand there are exceptions, but we do need a level of commitment throughout the season.  It is possible we place you on a different team, if commitment becomes an issue.


12s, 13s, and 14s

Try-Out Dates:  October 6 and/or 13

Where:  Rustad Recreation Center, West Fargo

15s, 16s, 17s, and 18s

Try-Out Date:  November 24

Where:  TBD