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We run 3 different types of programs!  OPEN, REGIONAL and LOCAL.  We also run programs for the Winter Season (Dec - Feb) and Spring (Feb - May).  

*Try-Out Fee will apply.

OPEN - Highest caliber team.  Anyone around the area can try out!  Players DO NOT have to attend West Fargo Public Schools.  Our goal is to make teams according to age with the highest caliber to compete at bigger tournaments.  

REGIONAL - Top caliber consisting of those attending West Fargo Public Schools.  

LOCAL - Anyone attending West Fargo Public Schools.  There are no cuts and all players will make a team according to their caliber.  

WINTER - Anyone can try out!  Cuts will be made.  You do NOT have to attend West Fargo Public Schools to try out.  



Refunds - to clarify our refund statement.  Being quarentined has been a real issue for many around the area.  With that, a positive case on "team" can quarentine the entire team.  It is possible that a team could be quarentined for a period of time and have to miss a tournament.  If the team CAN attend the tournament, there will be NO REFUNDS for those individuals that may be quarentined.  If the WHOLE TEAM is quarentined and cannot go to the tournament, we will most likely lose the tournament fee, but the money spent on mileage/hotel will be looked at and given back to the families for that particular team.  

Twila Nogowski



Please join us for our next board meeting in August.  Date and location to be determined.