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Open, Regional and Local Teams (All ages)

Coach and tournament information is released (see below)!

  Practice information for Spring will be released in January!

**Early Bird teams will have their information e-mailed to them.

ONLINE OFFICIATING - DUE  Feb. 1 for Spring Teams (must turn this in before you practice).  We highly recommend a parent helps anyone that is 6th grade and younger.  This will take a good amount of time, please do not wait till the last week.  Instructions are below.  

*After you create an account, you have about a 5 day wait period to get your classes loaded.  If you have any issues, please contact the helpdesk within the program.


There are TWO venders to order Volt Apparel from!  The deadline is Wednesday, December 19th!

Your daughter will get a t-shirt for being a member of Volt Volleyball with her registration.

Orders will arrive in February.


WF Volt Volleyball AND Volt Volleyball

We have two programs within our club!

WF Volt - Local/Regional programs service West Fargo Public School attendees.

**Local:  Tournaments stay within about 1.5 - 2 hour radius

**Regional:  3 tournaments will be outside the Local area/3 tournaments will be in the local area

VOLT  OPEN - This is a high caliber program open to anyone in the area.  Registration for try-outs is currently open for our OPEN programs (Scroll below).

**OPEN (Early Bird) - Program runs Dec - Feb.  Three weekends of tournaments.

**OPEN (Spring) - 6-7 weekends of tournaments (4-5 outside the local area and 2 in the local area).

***Read below for more information on our programs.


We are happy to announce our partnership with Maximum Performance and Fitness this season!  Check out the opportunity for our Volt/WF Volt Program! 

Use the link below to register for the MPF Athletic Enhancement program!


  1.  Make sure you are LOGGED IN at
  2. Go to “My Messages” or the little envelop at the top of the website
  3. Click “Send a Message”
  4. Click your Team
  5. Then you have options 
    1. All Members – goes out to your entire team including coach
    2. Selected Members – lets you pick certain families, your coach, or Twila/Tracy (directors)

Board Members

PRESIDENT:  Elissa Waasdorp

VICE PRESIDENT CO-CHAIRS:  Michelle Thomson & CharRae Chwialkowski

TREASURER :  Betsy Dodds

SECRETARY:  Andrea Olson

APPAREL/PHOTO:  Nicole Molter

CONCESSIONS CO-CHAIR: Suzanne Brown, Tonya Schnell Milbrandt, Laura Herrick and Scott White.

REGISTRATION:  Becky Caillier

DIRECTOR:  Twila Nogowski

Board Meeting

Please join us at our next board meeting that is scheduled for Monday, January 21 at 7:00pm at 9Iron (located at the Osgood Golf Course)